Hungary 2022 — Directed by: Zsófia Paczolay — 24 min — Spoken language: Hungarian — Subtitles: English — Production: DocNomads — Producer: Zsófia Paczolay, Bálint Bíró

József works at the largest still-operational grain silo in Budapest. He’s been doing this work for more than 30 years, and lives in a container home next to the structure, where trucks and trains rumble past his window. When he is lowered into the ten-story-deep silos to clean them, he looks like a scuba diver at work. It’s dangerous work for József, not least because he has been exposed to crop dust for many years now. The growing threat to his health could even lead to his death. But he can’t escape it. In fact he seems to have become an integral part of his environment.

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